Clinical expertise enhances The Patient Experience, but does not create it.

Exceptional patient experiences are generated through an understanding of Patientology and are a result of excellent staff combined with excellent structure and setting. It is culture that determines the patient experience and the consistency with which it occurs.

With an emphasis on The Patient Experience, Travis A. Frederickson knows what it takes to attract and retain patients and is able to masterfully share these concepts in his speaking presentations. With 30 years’ experience speaking, writing, and consulting, Travis combines his advanced degrees in leadership and administration with his experience to provide high-quality education that can be implemented immediately with lasting results.



It’s All About the Experience!

With a focus on The Patient Experience, Travis Frederickson shares proven philosophies and protocols for attracting and retaining quality patients. In this high energy, interactive presentation, learn a symbiotic approach to dentistry that results in greater patient acquisition, retention and compliance, and an increase in patient referrals. Develop a mindset for creating tailored and specific experiences that patients want. Learn how to cultivate a practice culture that rekindles enthusiasm about patients, practice and career.

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A Process of Symbiotic Effectiveness!

Discover the critically important role that hygiene plays in any practice, and what it takes to increase production, profit and efficiency. Learn critical systems and philosophies from establishing a mindset around the hygiene experience to the mechanics of making hygiene an asset to the practice as well as to the patient. Move the team beyond the traditional thought of hygiene to recognizing the importance of the hygiene experience. Most practitioners realize that hygiene is the bread and butter of the practice. Learn how to make it so much more!

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Experience the Power of a Guiding Vision!

Leadership originates with a guiding vision which motivates and inspires the team while establishing expectation in the hearts and minds of patients. Learn the importance of discovering and aligning your practice with your vision. Understand the power of the Three S’s of Experience: Attracting and retaining the right Staff, establishing the correct Structure, and providing the appropriate Setting to achieve desired results. Ultimately, discover the relief and freedom that leadership provides.

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With a deep understanding of the unmatched value of the Patient Experience, Travis Frederickson knows what it takes to attract and retain patients and is able to masterfully share these concepts in his speaking and consulting programs, which focus on The Patient Experience and Practice Leadership.

With 30 years’ experience speaking, writing, and consulting with small businesses and government entities, Travis’s focus has been within the dental and medical professions for the past decade. He is the founder and president of C4 Practice Services, a consulting firm focused on the Patient Experience for both dental and medical practices.

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