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It is culture that determines the patient experience and the consistency with which it occurs

Exceptional patient experiences are generated through an understanding of Patientology and are a result of excellent staff combined with excellent structure and setting.

With an emphasis on The Patient Experience, Travis A. Fredericksonknows what it takes to attract and retain patients and is able to masterfully share these concepts in his speaking presentations. With 30 years’ experience speaking, writing, and consulting, Travis combines his advanced degrees in leadership and administration with his experience to provide high-qualityeducation that can be implemented immediately with lasting results.

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The quality of your patients’ experience is what makes – or breaks – their decision to return or refer ... and ultimately, your practice’s financial health.

  • The High Cost of Low Patient Loyalty
  • “Good” Is Not Good Enough
  • 4 Lessons from Disney to Dentistry
  • The 12 Most Important Lessons You’ll Learn
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See what others are saying about how The Patient Experience can change your practice.
  • Customer Testimonails

    This book has helped me to take what I have long admired about Disney, and use their principles to grow my practice!

    Jarod Plitt, DMD Miami Beach General Dentist
  • Customer Testimonails

    Travis Frederickson and C4 truly understand the need for a well-trained team leader. Their experience and ability to see 'the big picture' has helped us organize and plan for long-term growth while taking the stress off of me.

    Dr. Kim B. Keller, DDS Nampa Smiles
  • Customer Testimonails

    C4 is an awesome company! They just made me more aware of the potential that I wasn't reaching.

    Dr. Rob Hamblin, DDS
  • Customer Testimonails

    For the first time in my career I feel like our practice is moving in the direction I want it to go and I am not having to push it every inch of the way. What a relief!

    Dr. Joel Bingham, DDS
  • Customer Testimonails

    I think C4 Practice Services would be beneficial to any practice wanting to create change and motivate the whole office to be at their best everyday.

    Lisa Mrachek Dental Hygienist
  • Customer Testimonails

    It makes me feel good every day to go to work and think I’m creating exceptional Patient Experiences. It’s super rewarding to me, it’s not like I’m just there to assist, I’m there to impact somebody and it’s awesome.

    Auggie Dental Assistant Team Leader


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Meet Your Instructor

Travis Frederickson is the founder and president of C4 Practice Services, a consulting firm focused on the Patient Experience for both dental and medical practices, and author of The Patient Experience: 4 Lessons from Disney to Dentistry.

For more than 20 years Travis has been teaching, writing, speaking and consulting with small businesses and government entities, with a focus in the last decade within the dental and medical professions.

Travis holds undergraduate degrees in health education and athletic training, with advanced degrees in leadership and administration, and is formally Disney trained. Combine that education with his experience, and you and your staff will be enriched with high-quality education that you can use immediately. You won’t be bored or disappointed.

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The Patient Experience, 4 Lessons from Disney to Dentistry

“You deliver good service.” A decade ago, this was a compliment.

But now ... it’s a warning sign that your practice is in decline. Have you noticed a declining number of patients who show up for their re-care appointments?

Consumers view healthcare and dentistry as commodities. Technical skill used to be enough to earn patient loyalty. No longer. Consumers figure that every doctor or dentist is skilled.

What they expect is stellar service that makes them feel valued and respected. Service that makes them feel fantastic about picking your practice to trust. Service that makes patients feel excited and confident referring friends and family.

And if they’re turned off by any aspect of their experience with your practice – from how you talk to them, to how long they have to wait, right down to how attractive your waiting room looks, They’ll be gone in a flash without saying a word to you ... taking their business ($15,000 - $25,000 minimum over a lifetime of just one patient) to one of your competitors.

To thrive in this new market, you need to create an exceptional patient experience.

Call (208-467-6545) or email us at info@C4PracticeServices.com for more information.

This exciting new program when properly implemented and followed will bring new patients into your practice within 3 months. It is that simple.

The process is built so that you can guide yourself and staff through the process or become one of the 10 initial practices where I personally will coach through implementation.

In this program you will receive 16 different training video segments, with 20 distinct activities that will guide you completely through the process of creating the Patient Experience that will get you to desired results. Each lesson is purposefully very short (less than 10 minutes) with one main point. Each activity is meant to implement the main points covered in the video segments. Because we know how dental staff learn, once you complete the process you have already begun to see results.

To thrive in this new market, you need to create an exceptional patient experience.

Call (208-467-6545) or email us at info@C4PracticeServices.com for more information.

Dental Cash Machine

What difference would an additional $500K make for your practice every year?

This program is co-created between Travis Frederickson and Dr. Keller who runs a $ 3 M practice and he will share his secrets on how he makes an additional $2500 $3200 more every day in cash without having to deal with insurance claims or delayed payments. You will get to taste their combined experience of more than 40 years in dental industry and how you can apply the same system to your practice to reap the benefits now.

To thrive in this new market, you need to create an exceptional patient experience.

Call (208-467-6545) or email us at info@C4PracticeServices.com for more information.

Hygiene Profit Machine

You want more of the desirable things and fewer of those things that are less desirable and cause stress. No Dah as my daughter would say. Getting that consistently is no trick and is not just a stroke of luck. It takes understanding and great skill to master.

With more than two decades working with leadership and with dental practices, author, speaker and consultant Travis A. Frederickson has put together a very concise way to view leadership within a dental practice.

To thrive in this new market, you need to create an exceptional patient experience.

Call (208-467-6545) or email us at info@C4PracticeServices.com for more information.

This is our most comprehensive program designed for dentists who are determined to move their practice from where it is right now to a practice that is generating multiple millions of dollars year in and year out, while maintaining total control over operations, staff, efficiency and accomplishing all of that while having a good work life balance.

This program is a fusion of 3 of our best-selling systems combined together to get you the best results in the shortest amount of time. The Blueprint includes The New Patient Roadmap, Preparing for Patients and Profit and Case Acceptance Mastery System.

To thrive in this new market, you need to create an exceptional patient experience.

Call (208-467-6545) or email us at info@C4PracticeServices.com for more information.

Call us today at (208-467-6545) or Email us at info@C4PracticeServices.com

Absolutely and fully committed to our Vision of Happy Patients, Happy Doctor, Happy Staff.

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